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EightySixd Gas Fuel Tabs

Gas Fuel Tabs
Better Mileage, Lowers Emissions, Cleans's like getting free gas at every fill up.

What if I told you Eightysixd fuel tabs can save you money on gas? What if I said all you have to do is add one pill to each fill up and you could get 1-2 more gallons of fuel savings? One pill that costs less than $1.99 per use can save you up to $3.00-$8.50 per fill up! That's real measurable savings. Its ability to burn fuel better and lower emissions means you will help extend the life of your engine and make it run smoother, accel harder and you're lowering your carbon foot print. It's a true performance enhancing pill.

Another great thing about this is you don't have the mess like other fuel treatments that are in liquid form. The Eightysixd fuel tabs make it easy to store in your car or truck, with no spill or terrible smell if the cap is loose. You can't lose with this product gaining you fuel savings and a smoother running car. So eighty-six high fuel prices today with our fuel tabs!!

  • Improves fuel economy, generates more power, reduces emissions, burns fuel more completely
  • Tested by independent labs to ensure you get real measurable savings
  • Removes deposits and decreases fuel consumption
  • Burns fuel more completely so your engine stays cleaner, prevents damaging build-up caused by unburned fuel or recirculated contaminants
  • Reduces emissions and lower exhaust temperatures
  • Extends engine oil life, extends equipment life, and decreases octane requirements
  • Accelerates the rate of combustion of hard-to-burn hydrocarbon molecules
  • Breaks down large fuel particles that are hard to burn completely and complete the final stages of the combustion reaction for a more complete burn