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EightySixd Gas Octane Boost

EightySixd Gas Octane Boost

Eightysixd Octane Boost was created for one simply fact: There wasn't an octane boost that fit our needs for our high performance engines and turbo needs. You see octane boost at all your gas stations and parts stores, but they never say how much they really add. The answer: It's just a few points and consumers just think it's all the same. We eighty-six the competition and give you race gas in a bottle. We take 92 octane to 99.5. That's like blending straight race fuel with 91, but we do it for a fraction of the cost. Plus you're not packing barrels or tanks of race fuel to make your special blend. Instead your packing 8oz or 12oz bottles. This is one of the strongest octane boosters that money can buy at a great price. You get 2-3 times the octane boost for the same price of your name brands and it's all made in the USA.

  • Raises gasoline octane rating significantly
  • Decreases engine emissions
  • Gives you power when you want it
  • Perfect for racers who want an edge
  • Reduces detonation
  • Lets you run more boost or more aggressive timing which equals more HORSEPOWER

8oz bottle - treats 12 gallons
12oz bottle - treats 16 gallons